2022 Mention MATCOAM Technology and Innovation.
2022 Selected to Best Architecture Korea-Spain by Architecture & Design Institute of Korea (ADIK).
2019 Finalist CEMEX International Edition.
2019 Finalist Dezeen Award.
2019 Finalist FAD AWARD for Architecture.
2017 Nominated to Office Building of the Year by ArchDaily.
2016 First Prize renovation of the Spanish Association Against Cancer Competition, Madrid.
2016 Nominated to Sports Building of the Year by ArchDaily.
2014 First Prize, Best Refurbishment 2012/2014, Special Award Veteco-Asefave.
2014 Architectural Processes Exhibition in the International Week of  Efficient Construction, organized by the Superior Council of Architects of Spain.
2012 First Prize, office building in Paseo de la Castellana 94 Competition, Madrid.
2012 Architecture Office selected by the ARQUIA / NEXT, Caja de Arquitectos Foundation Cultural program.
2011 First prize, renovation of the restaurant "Astrid and Gaston" Competition, Madrid.
2011 Selected Office in Madrid 100 % Architecture Architecture II Awards, COAM Foundation.
2011 Selected for THIS IS TOMORROW Housing Competition, awarded by the Miguel Fisac ​​Foundation and the School of Architecture of Castilla la Mancha.
2011 Second Prize of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles 4, Housing Competition organized by EMVS, Madrid.
2010 First Prize, Experiential Center of Electric Mobility Competition, Madrid.
2010 III International Congress of Architecture 2010 CONSTRUTEC LOADING COAM. IFEMA, Madrid.
2010 Merit Award Anuaria 2010 Awards (Spanish Graphic Design Awards) for the catalog of the XV edition of the Architecture Awards of the Region of Murcia
2009- 2010 International Exhibition of the Competition of the Advanced District of Toledo , Exhibition Hall Regional Archive of Castilla la Mancha COACM , JCCM, Toledo.
2009 First Prize, Advanced Toledo District Lot 004, International Competition .
2009 First Prize, Advanced Toledo District Lot 007, International Competition.
2009 Second Prize, refurbishment of Cieza Capitol Theatre Competition,  Murcia.
2009 XII Biennale of Architecture and Cinema of Buenos Aires. All Age Ciry in the small theater space.
2009 Exhibition AM / PM ( Architecture Murcia / Murcia Projects ) .
2009 Dossier Young Spanish Architecture 2G.
2009 Building Institute for Advanced Social Studies of Andalusia Competition, Cordoba. Selected.
2008 LAUS design Award , Barcelona .
2008 First Prize, hybrid tower in San Jose Competition, Costa Rica.
2008 First Prize, houses in San José Competition, Costa Rica.
2008 Second Prize, renovation and construction of new buildings "T + D" Espinardo Competition, Murcia.
2008 Third Prize, cultural building in Salobral Competition, Albacete.
2008 Third Prize, University sociocultural building competition, Albacete.
2008 Third Prize, housing and public facilities in the Jimenado Competition, Murcia.
2008 Second Prize, Administrative Building in San Pablo International Competition, Seville.
2007 First Prize, public space conditioning Juncal Canyon Competition, Pliego , Murcia .
2007 First Prize, Publication of the Architecture Awards of the Region of Murcia Competition.
2007 Second Prize International Competition Europan 9. Housing , equipment and new urban spaces . Catania , Italy.
2007 Second Prize, new Campus Health Lorca Competition, Murcia.
2007 Second Prize, building of the Agrarian Chamber of Murcia Competition.
2007 Selected, extension of the headquarters of the College of Architects of the demarcation of Albacete Competition, COACM.
2005 First Prize, new Naval Technology Center Fuente Alamo Competition, Murcia.
2005 Merit Award, new types of VPO housing in the territory of Cantabria Competition, organized by the COAC and the Ministry of Housing of Cantabria.
2005 Second Prize, outstanding building in the Technology Park of Fuente Alamo Competition, Murcia.
2005 New urban solutions, SU05 Competition, Madrid. Selected.
2004 First Prize, new concepts for residential housing development of 1,062 homes in the city of Baotou Competition, China.
2004 Runner up, social housing J5 National Competition, Almería.
2003 First Prize, for the development of 75 housing units in Adelfas for the EMVS, Madrid.
2003 First Prize,  European Business and Innovation on the campus of Espinardo Competition, Murcia.
2003 Selected, Europan 7 Tromso. Norway.
2002 Europan VI exhibition. Congress and Exhibition Hall of Santander.
2002 Europan VI exhibition MOPU, Madrid.
2002 Europan VI exhibition In between the cities, Liege, Belgium.
2002 First Prize, International Competition for sustainable housing, facilities and new urban spaces in Sharjah. United Arab Emirates.
2001 First Prize, International Competition Europan 6 in Marina de Cudeyo, Santander.
2000 Second Prize, University of Psychology at the University Competition, Murcia.